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For reviewers, MyAppAware aims to let you get paid app for free and earn real bonus      For developers, MyAppAware aims to let you get honest guaranteed reviews and build longer-term relationships with genuine iPhone users !

-- The MyAppAware Team

MyAppAware For Reviewer

Is MyAppAware legitimate?

We reward you up to $2 for signing up an account with us, we will send it to your PayPal account instantly after you complete your first review and action. We also have free apps for you to review and act on, in fact, we highly recommend you to review and act on one of our free apps to check out how our service works and receive your sign up bonus, this will prove to you we are providing a legitimate service.

What do I need before I can use MyAppAware?

Before you sign up with MyAppAware, make sure you have an iTunes nickname and a paypal account. MyAppAware checks with App Store if there is a review under your nickname and credit back your purchase cost and bonus to your paypal account.

We highly recommend you have Twitter and Facebook account (not compulsory) as some of the actions will need you to follow developers' Twitter and become their fan on Facebook.

How do I review an app?

Sign up with MyAppAware, choose an app from our repository, download it from App Store, play with the app, write a review from your iPhone or iTunes, it can take up to 24 hours for your review to be published in App Store, MyAppAware checks with App Store regularly, once you review is published, we will reward you $2.00.

How much bonus can I earn per review/action?

For each app you reviewed, your could earn from $1.00 to $2.00 bonus plus full reimbursement of the App Cost. We offer bonus for all apps in our repository and we are pleased to say that we offer the highest bonus in the app reviewing market.

What is review cycle?

Review cycle is determined by whether your bonus accumulated exceeds the payout limit. Current payout limit is $5, if your bonus exceeds this amount, this means you have completed a review cycle.

When can I change my payment plan?

Payment plan can only be changed when a review cycle is completed.

How can I claim my money back?

Go to Payment Tab, if you are with basic payment plan, you can claim your purchase cost back at any time. Bonus will be paid out once you complete a review cycle. If you are with combined payment plan, we will credit back your reimbursement and bonus when you complete a review cycle.

Is there a time limit for writing reviews after downloading the app?

36 hours, if you fail to write a review within this period, the app will be took back into our repository and you may lose your money. We have to have this rule in place as we don't want people holding the app for weeks and preventing others who really enjoy reviewing apps. Please also be aware that, after you submit a review, App Store may take up to 12 hours to get your review published.

I can't claim my money back. What might be wrong?

There might be several causes for this. (1). There is a typo in your iTunes nickname registered with MyAppAware. (2). The country you set while setting up your account isn't the actual country you are posting your review. (3). You rated the app but haven't written a review. (4). Your review wasn't published on App Store within 36 hours you downloaded the app. If you encounter any problems that prevents you from claiming your money back, or if you want to update your iTunes nickname or country please contact us by using the contact form in this page or email us at

Do I need an iPhone to use MyAppAware?

As long as you can download an app from App Store and write a review, you are fine. You don't need to have an iPhone. iPod or iPad will do too.

Where can I find my iTunes nickname?

How can I write a review from iTunes?

How can I write a review from my iPhone?